Weekly Waffle – 14th October

The conclusion of another wonderful weekend of Phoenix running…

As Storm Callum whipped it’s way in, all eyes were peeled on forecasts for Saturday morning.  The infamous parkrun weather fair failed to beat mother nature despite there being significant milestones on the cards within our midst.  The weather had already played a part in pushing back a club social event and it was set to put pay to most runners Saturday morning ritual. 

The highly attended Porthcawl had already been cancelled as high tides coincided with the high winds and heavy rainfall.  Pontypridd was on the cards for some but high rainfall further up the valley swelled the river and left puddles the size of lakes on the paths around the park.  Not going to happen.  

Plans remade to head for Maesteg to join others for another club milestone attempt ironically Spanish themed on a day with very atypical weather conditions.  High ground – surely safe!?  At 7:30am it’s a yes.  At 8:30 it’s a no, as drains overflowed and scenes reminiscent of Niagara Falls befell Welfare Park.  Spotting the news at the 11th hour some managed to reach a start line in the Welsh capital.  One milestone celebrated with a few for support.

Tourists were the lucky ones getting their constitutional in without any significant hindrance.  Two fo our prolific tourists went back to where it all began and experienced the thrill of Bushy Park.  A parkrun pilgrimage.

As the club moves forward and we become members of a new league some headed up the M4 to fly the Phoenix flag at an event boasting runners from all over Europe.  Our youngsters the first to represent their club performing admirably despite the threatening clouds overhead.  With our captain overseeing the days proceedings the seniors look their turn and completed their tough laps just before the rain could spoil the day.

Sunday morning saw little improvement in conditions.  

Our heroes near the end of their journey and still turned out in force to prepare for their impending graduation.  

A trip to London saw a return to the race that started a journey.  A journey that has led to a significant improvements and whole new love for running producing admirable results.  A homecoming of sorts.  An emotional return.  Joined by another club member in the English capital also ticking off another half.

A few continued with the next fixture in the club trail championship and headed up to Ponty for 11 off road miles.   Pontypool not Pontypridd.  Worth making that clear in case any think it’s in a completely different place.  I’m not saying anything.  Great results and efforts all round in character building conditions with supporters there in numbers to cheer the brave souls on.

A funny weekend where mother nature had some strong ideas about controlling our regular running antics and in some cases won through.  

It didn’t dampen the Phoenix spirit and maximum effort was still made by all.

On to the next one.

As always…



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