Weekly Waffle – 21 October 2018

Sunday evening arrives again and an opportunity to reflect on another great weekend…

A huge Ogmore Phoenix gathering on the seafront at Porthcawl to celebrate our new heroes reaching the end of a journey with emotional scenes as they crossed the parkrun finish line for the first time. Not the end really though… it signifies the start of a whole new journey – the end of which is yet to be discovered! I, for one, am looking forward to the next steps as they discover that the sky really is the limit!!

One of our favourites found his shift patterns change some time ago regularly getting in the way of his fix of Saturday morning 5k. A parkrun initiative to proliferate into places of detention has found it’s way into Wales for the first time granting him unique access to an event most of us (hopefully) will never have the chance to participate in. A first place finish and a course record ensued immortalising his name on a global list that will attract the green eyed monster from many of our parkrun fanatics!  

As always we had our fair share of tourists dotted around the country getting their constitutional wherever they happened to be.

Our current runners runner headed to warmer climes on the continent to tackle a marathon at night. Despite a lonely second half and a course which measured long he still crossed the line in a time we’d all be delighted with! Taking it easy and enjoying the course I heard him say before he went but we still saw a formidable performance!

Sunday morning was a relatively quiet one for the Phoenix…

Two headed west to tackle a tough, hilly “epic trail” 10k and beat the hills in the glorious morning sunshine!

Another crossed the border to the east to complete yet another half marathon in his tough challenge on a week when he’s had the wonderful pleasure of welcoming a new member to their family with the birth of their beautiful baby boy!  15 out of 18 halves and one baby and still going strong!

All of this on a week with the second highest attendance at training this year!  
It’s truly wonderful seeing new runners experience the thrill of their first recorded time over 5k and the excitement this brings making them wonder what is possible…  

The answer is simple – anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Dare to dream!

New experiences.
New additions.
New dreams.
Fly Phoenix. Fly!

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