Weekly Waffle – 29th October 2018

Well.  What can I say?

Bursting with pride this weekend!

Holding the position of Chair comes with it many responsibilities.  It’s stressful at times.  It’s consuming in many regards.  But one thing this responsibility earns is the honour of being proud of everyone’s achievements. 

This weekend has shown off some brave performances on a course that tests people to their extreme.  But always remember that we don’t measure people by how hard the course is or how far the distance is.  Just lacing up your trainers and heading out of the door is equally worthy of our praise.  Never forget this.

During the week two had made the journey to the capital to navigate a 5 mile route in the dark with others dressed in appropriate attire for the season in an unusual midweek event at this time of year.

As the weekend arrived, despite the biggest club road trip of the year taking place on Saturday, numbers at parkrun were unaffected.  Large numbers still made their way to local venues swelling numbers at one to record levels with a plethora of best times noted.  Training sessions are working!

More tourism notched up for a few.  New milestones being reached. 

The constitutional 5k on a Saturday morning continues to woo many of our midst to a start line at 9am and they all continue to do the club proud.

It was impossible not to notice that the north drew many away from their regular Saturday morning activities.  

A long Friday drive for all, at different times of the day, brought everyone to the vicinity of the mountain steeped in myth and legend.  

A peak that commands respect from all those who come near.

The area, Eryri.  Snowdonia.

Beautiful, majestic, formidable.  

Demanding, unforgiving, unpredictable.

At its centre, Yr Wyddfa, casting a shadow over all that happens within it’s gaze.

Nervous newcomers to marathon running joined seasoned runners for the 26.2 mile challenging route around the base of the highest peak in Wales.

43 members in total tackling the full marathon distance – the highest membership participation at such a long distance to date.  And a tough one at that.

The journey north lashed those involved with rain, hail and high winds.  Many worried at what the mountain would command the following day!  The North Walian weather gods were kind and after depositing snow on the peak the clouds thinned to allow the suns energy to penetrate.  The wind continued to blow and took its toll in the latter stages of the race.

Many race outcomes were experienced but all battled with the challenges that the tough course threw at them admirably.  Did I say tough course?  I meant really tough course!!  Don’t respect it and it will teach you a lesson!!  26.2 miles of running is tough enough but add hills, long ones, in places where they just suck all your energy away and it quickly becomes a real battle!  

As important as those who tested their legs were those who waited for the runners to finish.  Some made their way around the course to offer cheer for runners when the journey was tough.  Some remained relatively static setting up and guarding what is quickly being established as Phoenix Corner to guide runners round the final bend to the finish line. 

A celebration of tough running where record numbers completed the full marathon distance at a single event with huge support crew in tow.  A weekend away where the social aspect of running was as important as the running itself.

The Phoenix was tested this weekend.  

We showed resolve.

We showed determination.

We showed strength.

We were victorious.

We will return to run again.

What’s next?  

After a weekend like that does it matter?  

Bring it on!



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