To ensure sessions are running and where they are located (in case of change) please check the training calendar by clicking here.

Any questions related to training please send an email to


Strength and Conditioning sessions held at various locations.
Arrive at 6:25pm to start at 6:30pm sharp.

Touring Tuesday held at various locations.  All abilities supported and welcomed.
Arrive at 6:25pm to start at 6:30pm sharp.

All Abilities Wednesday group  supports runners of all abilities and everyone is welcome.
Flyers group provides performance coaching sessions.
All sessions arrive at 6:25pm to start at 6:30pm sharp, held in various locations.

Always start from the Life Centre in Ogmore ValeCF32 7AJ.
Suitable for all abilities.  Often followed by cake!
Arrive at 6:25pm to start at 6:30pm sharp.

Trail sessions start at 8:30am, held at various locations.  All abilities are supported and regular regrouping takes place at all sessions.


We have four fully qualified British Athletics coaches in running fitness (CiRF)

David Kembery

Aled Hughes

Emma Loyns

Kevin Raymond

Liz Davis

Jayne Bissmire

And we also have a number of leaders in running fitness (LiRF)

Angela Walsh

Jamie Bevan

Karl Johnson

Gareth Richards

Kris Denholm

Vickie Blake

Gary Piper

David Sheard

Sian Jenkins

Dawn Hopkins

Nick Harris

Dai Power

Alexis Barrett

Anthony Kavanagh

Steph Iveson-Holmes

Rosaleen Salvatore

Brett Bonnell

Michelle Alexander

Stephne Puddy

Pippa Clark

Angharad Hinam

Ian Lewis

Chris Stanlake

Sally Littlehales