Weekly Waffle – 03/02/2019

The clocks tick by and Sunday night arrives once again.  

Time to reflect.

Extreme weather conditions put pay to a training session during the week and hung around to the weekend to do its damage to parkrun plans.  Many events cancelled but the salt in the sea air cleared virtually all evidence of ice on the seafront meaning a big club turnout in Porthcawl.  Bitterly cold but sunny conditions made for a glorious morning with many making their way down on foot.  Long runs fitted in before parkrun leave the rest of the day free – and help to justify the bacon sandwich in the cafe afterwards!

The disruption of the weather wasn’t over!  Races cancelled meant some had to find their planned miles elsewhere.  Many headed out for the their long runs on their path to long races in the spring.  Our heroes continued their journeys in significant numbers.

One headed over the border to the English capital to return to racing over the 10k distance.

A small valiant bunch drove down to the Gower and took on a challenging 10k through challenging terrain as a result of the recent extreme conditions.

Yet another busy weekend for the Phoenix defying the elements and still getting out and getting the job done!!

I’ve got this far reviewing the weekend and there’s something nagging in the back of my mind that I might have missed something and I can’t for the life of me think what it is…  

If only people were a bit more vocal about the things they got up to it would make it a lot easier for me to review…

Hang on a minute, it’s coming back to me now…

Something about a group of Phoenix taking an early morning flight from Gatwick across the channel to a small island just off the coast of France… Yes, it’s coming back to me now…  Landing less than half an hour before the whistle blows they made it to the start line of parkrun on Jersey.  Out and back within 24 hours.  Nutters!  Love it – a great adventure!  The Phoenix spirit shining through!   Just next time I wish they’d make more noise about having done it!!

Keep on doing what you’re doing guys!!

It’s brilliant to watch the valiant efforts being made throughout the club.

For those unable to run we send out a heap of positive vibes for a speedy recovery.  We’re here for you.

As we say goodbye to one week, we welcome another… 

I can’t wait to see what it brings for you all…

Whatever it is, keep shouting about it!

As ever,



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