Weekly Waffle – 10th March 2019


New to Japan we’ve even learnt it’s all one word, lower case in English in any written language!

I digress…

For those of a certain age, for a child, “Friday at five to five” meant gathering around the tele box for something specific (answers on a postcard please)

These days it’s Saturday at nine that calls us all to a specific place.  A start line somewhere…

Whatever your ability, you’re welcome.

One of our number celebrated with her husband at our home up the valley on a wonky route that drew many along to celebrate.  Cake, of course, was shared by many there.

Our other home saw a small number graduate as fully blown heroes from our development programme to celebrate on crossing the finish line.  Friends and family came along to cheer them along with many club members in attendance.

Others travelled far and wide, and I mean WIDE!

Four countries, England, Wales, Ireland and Australia!  We don’t do things by half – Phoenix not only flying high but also Long Haul!

Some targeted new locations while others ran wherever they’d laid their hat, or was it a tourist cowl or bob!

parkrun down, we can get on with the weekend…

Some not happy having done 5k in the morning headed west.  Starting as it got dark they ran around some woods avoiding the wolves and steered by map and torchlight to seek out hidden numbers in teams of two.  Admirable performances all round with one team successful in their quest.  Fun was had by all even if some got lost in the process!  

Storm Gareth approaches… 

50mph gusts on the chart.  Sporadic rain and hail will trade with sunny periods as mother nature cooks up a plan to disrupt Sunday running…

She fails!

The Grizzly. 20-ish miles as advertised.  Tough, as advertised.  One of our trail aficionados made his way south to stand on the start line as the Beast from the East stopped play a year ago.  Cobbled beach, mud, climbs, descents and numerous other challenges en route to make this a real test.  The Phoenix rose and conquered The Grizzly!

Cosmeston.  Tranquil and serene.  Until Storm Gareth wades in and high winds whip across the water and cause concern of danger in the woods leading to a shortened course.  Our intrepid runners still battled their way from start to finish line.

Multi-sport.  We bow down to those who combine their running with other disciplines.  One, having escaped the wolves the night before, took to the water first and ran to complete her combined event with impressive results.

One fled north.  Snow and extreme cold provided extra challenges to the storm that raged.  Not only was the distance completed but a personal best time was the outcome!

The English capital and the Big half was the attraction for one.  As training leads up to London in a few weeks time for a longer distance the run resulted in another personal best time!  

A few went a few miles down the road to battle the elements around a varying number of small loops to notch up times at varying distance.  The elements threw challenges in the way but all reached their goals and came away with their prize!

While all this was going on our heroes headed down to the sea front.  Gale force onshore winds battered them on their way to the turnaround as they prepared themselves for their graduation next week.  They were not defeated and they are ready!

Training numbers on the increase again.  

Phoenix friends join forces to support each other on training runs outside of those planned.  We all struggle – and when we do we come together to be that shoulder, to be that ear, to be that rock.  When all else fails, those wings are spread and we catch each other when there’s a chance we will fall.

What lessons have we learnt?

We are strong.  

The elements have tested us and we rose to the challenge and stand firm.  Victorious.

From those starting their journey to those hardened to the task.  

We did not waver.

We did not fail.

We flew. 




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