Weekly waffle – 11th November 2018

Well, well, well…

And I thought it would be difficult to get close to the epic Snowdonia Weekend, but we had a good try!!

Saturdays are usually all about the 5k!  You know the one… that free thing that always starts at 9am.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it…  

Well, indeed, there were a few of them enjoyed by many.

The usual big attendance on the seafront.  We were lulled into a false sense of security by the weather fairy!  Cold, tick.  Windy, tick.  Raining?  No!!  Winner…  However, setting off from the house the sky threatened and, right on cue, at 9am, it started.  Drizzle turned to rain turned to hail.  Temperatures dropped and we all got cold and soaked to the skin while being stung by the hailstones.  Sure enough as the last runners finished it stopped.  The clouds parted and the sun shone down.  Thanks parkrun weather fairy.  We love you, honest!  Despite the conditions, all completed their runs with some more of our amazing new starters graduating in style to hero status!  Character building start!

With our other local venue attracting several to Welfare Park we also saw a number of tourists getting their fix at various locations not only around the UK but also further afield combining a stag do in Poland with a bit of running!  That never hurts – we’ll combine anything with a bit of running!

A gang headed to another seafront location for a special 50 celebration resulting in a fantastic new personal best!  Always good to mark a milestone in style!

But Saturday wasn’t all about parkrun…

Some headed West to fly the Phoenix Flag on a Cross Country course around a Country Park.  Young and old (and I say that in the nicest sense – partly because I’m one of them) proudly sporting their colours in a strong running field!

Some headed further West and once again picked up prizes for fantastic running on a tough coastal course.  Making the Phoenix proud once again!

A good number travelled a few miles east for an event created to mark the centenary of the armistice that signified the end of the “war to end all wars”.  An interesting staggered start saw admirable performances all round.  Accidents happen.  One on his quest to complete a challenge came tumbling to the ground with a fear this would see it come to an abrupt end.  Members have rallied support in true Phoenix style!!

As if that wasn’t enough – a bunch travelled to the capital, adorned with fake moustaches and fancy dress to run in events organised to raise awareness of mens health issues.  A good cause, a great race, decent medal and that “oh so cool” coveted headband!! 

What a Saturday!!  More than most weekends in one day!

Time ticked by.  

Sunday arrived.

There are an ever increasing number of running events on the calendar.  

It is inevitable some would clash with significant events. 

The second fixture of another cross country league drew several of the Phoenix to a local nature reserve to run on sand, grass and a little bit of tarmac to stake their claim for points.  

But, despite the event, as the clock reached 11am runners were called to silence on the start line on armistice day.

A minutes silence that was observed by all with impeccable respect.

A haunting silence that invited all to remember those lost to war.  Those who never returned.

With those thoughts in minds and hearts runners gave their all with pride.  

Even a late downpour didn’t dampen spirits.

An intrepid group slogged their way through mud and waist high water in pursuit of a new medal and rather smart t-shirt! Despite some tumbles they all ended up victorious!

While those at home did the Phoenix proud, a lone ranger headed to the country where the marathon gained its name and, despite shoes falling apart, romped home in an admirable time!!

Happy to report our intrepid challenger from Saturdays race is sensing an improvement after his fall and the challenge could well still be on – our Phoenix are made of solid stuff!!

AND – despite all these races our new heroes still continued their journeys!!

What a weekend!!

You couldn’t be more proud after antics like these!!

Continue to do what you’re doing guys and gals!

Let’s continue to show the world what it means to fly like a Phoenix!

It goes without saying…



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