Weekly Waffle – 13th January 2019

It’s been a busy affair this week!

Not even half way through the first month of the year and we experience a big increase in running activity!

Milestones were celebrated at parkrun at one of our home locations attracting good numbers again just coming short of last weeks record on the sea front.  The usual tourists scattered up and down the country to complete their 5k.  High numbers again falling only slightly short of last weeks club parkrun record!  Brilliant to see!

While we were getting our 5k fix some returned to tackle a tough trail route with double the distance.  It’s a great route with a sting in the tail testing weary legs as it climbs steeply to the finish.  This didn’t defeat our hardy runners and two came away with significant prizes once again starting their prize hoard for the year early!  Great running all round.

Sunday saw the arrival of an event that’s become a bit of a club favourite.  Mud, glorious mud greets those who head over the border to run alongside the Severn.  Great performances all round.

Another fixture in the West Glamorgan Cross Country League attracted those not Rollicking in England to run twice around the outside of a reservoir with a decent turnout and brilliant performances all round earning valuable points for the teams.

As our huge contingent of heroes continue their running journeys, club members heard the call for help!  A large number of those not racing came along to assist as the long line of runners built on their week one performance to go slightly longer and slightly further.  One step closer to their target!  Runners in the making!

What a week!  

Record training attendance at one session.  

Record weekly training attendance.  

Phoenix out in force enjoying what they love!

Winter is typically a tough time for running… 

Dark nights.  

Dark mornings.  

Cold and often wet.  

It takes a lot to motivate ourselves out of the door when it’s like this.  

Wonderful to see that none of this is deterring you!

Many are doing RED January…  Exercising every day during the month.  Once we get so far in to a challenge like this we can’t break the cycle.  It teaches us that when ordinarily we might say “not today” – in fact we actually can get something done.  For those running it all it teaches us that we can always find a few minutes to get a mile or so in – when we often would normally just stay indoors in the warm!  Great to see the commitment from those tackling the challenge!

Great club cameraderie demonstrated in the pictures shared of training and racing this week that warm the heart!

The family bonds grow stronger.

Continue to fly high… and don’t forget, if you feel your wings failing you just turn left or right to one of your Phoenix family and ask for help… we’re always here for you!  

Never, ever be afraid to do so!



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