Weekly Waffle – 18th November 2018

It’s Sunday and that time once again…

As we move further into the cold season we see a very pleasing increase in training numbers.  As new methods are tried to meet the needs of our ever growing membership, amazing feedback suggests it’s been a success!  Continuously striving to be better!  

What is really pleasing is that our heroes continue their journeys and consistency in numbers shows they have resilience to the falling temperatures too!!

Pleasant weather attracted many down to parkrun…

Home, the usual high numbers.  Away, many continue their quest to increase the number of locations and we all celebrate them as we see the pictures sent back – attracting us there in future weeks to follow in their wake.

Saturday also saw an opportunity to tell our club story and share the passion of the Phoenix with other clubs around Wales. 

Sunday.  Always a race day somewhere.  Cold.  Sunny.  Unique conditions for the time of year.  We’ll take that!  

It’s common to see events to the east and the west.  Today was no exception.  

Pembrey.  Just a week on from a previous visit for a league appearance, a crowd headed west again to tackle 10 miles of mixed terrain.  With a section on the beach with the sun beating down, air temperature cool, it makes a run become something rather special.  Some push themselves to the limit and race to win.  Some just run to enjoy the experience.  How can you not when this set of circumstances are presented to you!

Others headed east to tackle a hilly route organised by a local club.  With 1,000ft of climbing it wasn’t an easy 10k but all finished virtually together having enjoyed the whole experience.  One to be repeated.  

Meeting up with friends from other clubs is always a pleasure and races regularly present these opportunities.  Being a member of the running community brings with it a wide circle of friends with a shared passion and we don’t all run for the same clubs.  Always nice to catch up and pass the time of day!

It’s always the case that events decrease in number as we approach the end of the year but the passion doesn’t wane.  Keep getting out there and getting some miles in and, most importantly, meeting up with friends to run.  We love to run, but it’s always better with a few friends.

Keep up the good work lads and lasses!

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add (without tears, but an immense sense of pride Daniel Clark)



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