Weekly Waffle – 24th December 2018

Only slightly delayed…  

It’s time for the weekly waffle…

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Christmas time.  

Elves have been naughty on their shelves for a while now, but one in particular has been causing havoc at one of our local hotels!!  He broke away from his daily mischief to bring joy to the Ogmore Phoenix Juniors at their Christmas celebrations.  Being the Naughty Elf he had to play a trick when introducing the real Santa who had heard of the exploits of the Phoenix and decided to pay us a visit during his busy build up to the big day!!  Lots of singing and dancing followed and much fun was had by all!  Seeing the happy faces of children enjoying the celebrations surrounding Christmas is a wonderful thing.  They feel the magic in the air and to be a part of lifting their hearts and helping to continue that Christmas spirit is incredible.  Well done to all involved!

Training throughout the week has involved festive celebrations with many finding their way to sit down for refreshments after their runs and spread some joy!

The weekend arrives and the festive parkrun fairy calls all to a start line somewhere.  It is common at this time of year for there to be many on their travels.  Visiting friends or family or simply getting away to enjoy this time of rest together somewhere different.  As a result a large number of tourists completed their runs at new locations sharing their experiences and pictures for us to admire. 

Our two home parkruns attracted big numbers as lots shared the joy of running in festive attire.  The weather was much kinder this week, which helped, and celebrations were certainly not dampened in either location.  parkrun is a wonderful institution and has been a cornerstone in bringing a lot of us together.  It was wonderful on Saturday to share happy times like these with many friends who have become so through parkrun.  Not only in the Phoenix but far and wide within the running community.  Back to the cafe with fellow club members sharing the exciting build up to the big day with hugs aplenty on parting wishing each other joy for the remainder of the festive period.  Heart warming stuff.  

On Sunday a lone ranger headed down to the south coast to get another marathon completed before Christmas is upon us.  This little lady has notched up significant event miles this year and looks likely to not be slowing down anytime soon.  Much kudos for doing so while most of us are overdoing the food at home!

Training numbers were lower this week but still some turned up to keep the legs ticking over on the trails and at Zero 2 Hero.  Well done all!


As we close on another weekend we are on the eve of Noel.

Running takes a back seat to family, friends and festivities… usually!  

Some will venture out and get another parkrun in on Christmas Day.  If you do, let us know and share the pictures – because you know we all really want to be joining you!

Some will be venturing to the beach to dip in the sea… One year I will have a go!!

Whatever you are doing over Yuletide, keep us updated on your antics.

With much love I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!  



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