Weekly Waffle – 24th February 2019

After the highs of presentation night last weekend, things return to normal in the Phoenix family.

We remember the celebrations and have recalled through the week those who exhibited flair to pick up an award… 

Training sessions swelled again and we saw in increase over the week despite our trail enthusiasts having a week off.  Have we been inspired by last weeks events?  I hope so…

Some headed up to our spiritual home to complete a double loop in anticipation of securing a team place or simply to satisfy a requirement of the club championship.

The weekend was soon upon us with the usual start to the day at 9am.  The ritual that is parkrun.  Big numbers spread between the two home locations while others headed further afield.  Two a bit further than most completing their 5k around a course on the east coast of America.

Sunday dawns and a few head up to the land of the Poolers to complete a 10k route in spring-like conditions as the weather takes a decided turn for the better.

Our two friends abroad headed to the Big Apple.  The park in central Manhattan was the venue for a half marathon which no doubt was a spectacular event to be a part of!

While all of this was happening our heroes returned to continue their journeys…

A relatively light week of racing but huge numbers are still getting out there and getting their training done or popping along to parkrun.

Many ease into the long miles in spring marathon training plans and report back how they’ve completed them in style!

Spring seems just around the corner as temperatures rise and the sun shows its face accompanied by positivity!

Spirits are lifted!

Let us use that positivity to good effect and direct it into our running this coming week…

Onwards and upwards…

As always



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