Weekly waffle – 25 November 2018

And the sun sets on another week…
The weekend started with a takeover. We have two favoured home locations to parkrun. (How long will it be before that word is committed to the english dictionary? I digress) If some are not by the seaside then it’s likely they’ve headed up the Llynfi Valley to complete their weekly 5k ritual. This week the Phoenix assumed the roles necessary to run the event allowing those who regularly give up their time to make sure the magic happens could themselves enjoy the event from the other side by running it. A great time was had by all even if they weren’t running.  
Those who headed to the seafront took advantage of the still and mild conditions to run well and swell the numbers in attendance.  
There’s always some who find themselves in foreign climes and end up notching up another one on their total elsewhere. This week was no exception. Some visiting old friends and one on the other side of the world avoiding snakes – not a problem we see often at home!
A few headed west to familiar territory for a night race. 10k. In the woods. In the dark. The Nobbler strikes again and was enjoyed by those who dared to face it in these conditions!!  
Sunday arrives and…. no races?  
Did I hear you correctly?
Oh well, we still got out there and did our runs. With impressive numbers in Pandy and some heading down to sample what the Pudding Run will be putting us through in a couple of weeks, with a sunny beach section may I add, we managed to still get some miles in!!
A selfish addition to this weeks waffle I’ll add some personal notes.
As is the way with a busy lifestyle, training sessions have been elusive of late. Two days this week presented themselves as opportunities. The valley sessions are still highly attractive and a Thursday will always have a special appeal and this week was no exception with conversation flowing all the way round the challenging valley loop.  
Sunday trail this week ended up on the beach. Emerging from the dunes onto the beach with the sun breaking through the clouds was breathtaking. Peaceful. Running sometimes takes us to places we rarely go. When the conditions are just right these moments are cause for taking a moment. Taking it all in and realising exactly how luck we are. Lucky to be fit and healthy enough to enjoy this wonderful pass-time and lucky enough to share this with wonderful friends.  
We love our races but we also love training. Especially training together!
Keep up the good work guys!

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