Weekly Waffle – 27th January 2019

Sunday fades and leaves us with memories of a busy week…

Still seeing big numbers at training filling everyones week with preparations for races coming up or just continuing their journey to their first parkrun as it looms closer…

Training on Thursday was combined with celebrations of a significant birthday of our wonderful secretary with flowers and, most importantly, cake!!  We do love our cake!

Friday saw a huge club contingent get together to support one of our own on his quest to secure funds for his London Marathon charity place.  Fun and frolics enjoyed by many with many Phoenix dancing the night away…

parkrun was a challenge for several as a result….  

A milestone reached up the valley was supported by Phoenix friends.  Some got up early to run to our other local event and cleared heads in the process.  For some, it was their first parkrun, the start of something big as we know the bug takes hold very quickly!  Others added another location to their ever expanding list.  One almost found himself at Her Majesty’s pleasure but managed to remain outside the walls to complete his Saturday morning constitutional.

One made his way to Worcester to impressively self-navigate his way over 40 miles of trails as part of his bid to secure a place in something bigger.  Yes, that’s right, something bigger!  

Long training runs are now starting to fill the calendar as spring halves and marathons loom closer and several put their daps on and headed out to get the miles in.

Sunday comes round and while our heroes turn out in number yet again to further their journeys a big club contingent travel east along the M4 to a very popular event hosted by our very good friends at Lliswerry.  Flat and fast it always attracts good numbers.  And there’s cake – and to avoid repeating myself I won’t add any more detail to that one!  Cold conditions and high winds did their best to try and dampen the spirit but it would take a lot more than that to keep the Phoenix down and impressive results were seen all round.

Back down west the conditions were reportedly worse with hail being added to the mix!  A notoriously tough course saw members tested in this league fixture.  Gritty performances all round in the conditions.

Still in Winter but the temperature seems to be fluctuating erratically.  The cold days don’t seem to be deterring everyone from hitting the streets.  Impressive commitment all round!!  Fingers crossed that snow stays away and allows us to continue plodding the streets!

Keep up the good work everyone!

It goes without saying, but I will anyway…



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