Weekly Waffle – 28th April 2019

Another epic weekend draws to a close and we are all still reeling from the excitement and the emotion of it all…

The week building up to it saw the weather change slightly… 

The infamous British weather!

Storm Hannah loomed on the horizon as we built up to the weekend.

The prospect of gale force winds didn’t blow away the growing excitement…

Despite that, parkruns were cancelled.

Runners headed elsewhere to get their Saturday morning fix swelling numbers at one of our home locations and creating a uniquely high location to runner ratio.  Whilst the wind still blew, runners ignored it’s might and got their miles in.

While some did parkrun some took on a new local challenge and at two distances on hilly terrain they defied the conditions to finish victorious.

Excitement grew throughout the rest of the day as runners made their way to the English capital for that prestigious event that draws runners from all over the world to it’s unique blend of elite competition and mass participation that ends up as one big street party!

Runners on a quest to complete 26.2 miles for the first time joined others running their first London.  For some it was a return visit.  Some chasing a time down while others just wanted to get round.  A whole manner of reasons for running and most running to raise awareness or money for great causes close to their heart!

With supporters in tow many Phoenix got together to prepare for the big day ahead sharing their nervous tension over their last supper…

While all of this was happening, one flew under the radar targeting a race of the same distance up north.

All went quiet early on Saturday night as those putting serious miles in on Sunday had an early night…

Early to bed, early to rise…

As we rose it was evident the wind had died down.  Perfect conditions for running.

Some jumped on a very early bus and headed up to London to provide support for their fellow Phoenix.

Runners already there made their journeys across London to Greenwich and Blackheath to their start lines.

As is always the way, the excitement of this race touches many more than those who run.

The presence of the cameras heightens the atmosphere and brings that experience to those who remain at home.

Supporters positioned themselves around the route.

17 Phoenix stood on the start line.

17 Phoenix valiantly made their way around the streets of London, all with different aspirations..

17 Phoenix made their way to the finish in their own way and…

17 Phoenix crossed the finish line and duly collected their medals and t-shirts bursting with pride.

Nerves and worried expressions turned to smiles and tears of joy.

Bodies were pushed to the limit.

Mental battles were faced on the way round and they got through, learning exactly what they are capable of.

Epic times were set by those who chased them.

Experiences were shared by some with friends from our neighbouring clubs.

While all the excitement of London was being followed by all, a race of the same magnitude was taking place up north.  Not to be outdone an epic time was also set there to cap off a magnificent day!

No more words need to be said. No more than those of praise that have been said by many throughout the day.

An absolutely wonderful day to be a Phoenix!

Continue to run.  
Continue to support.  
Continue to dream.



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