Weekly Waffle – 2nd December 2018

“Say hello, wave goodbye”

It came.  It went.

It’s 2018 and week 48 is over.

The weather changes constantly as the end of year draws near…  

Will it be fine?  Will it be windy? Will it be cold?

More chance of predicting the lottery than predicting what Mother Nature will throw at us?

Should we care? 


Skin is waterproof and we have more than enough layers to put on to keep the elements from affecting us.  

As the storms struck we still made training and the recent restructuring saw numbers remain high throughout!

Saturday arrives and the 9am ritual begins…

But where I ask you?

Everywhere is the reply!!

With more events on the calendar than usual we show our love for travelling afar. 

Scandinavia, Australia, England and Wales.  

Wherever we laid our hat, that’s our parkrun home!

Good times from all – whether that’s in terms of performance or in terms of enjoyment!!

Never forget our ethos – run to enjoy the experience as much as the outcome!

A new day dawns with our heroes continuing their path to super stardom…

Our trail lovers tackled our toughest local route in less than perfect conditions but as is the won’t of those who covet the trails they all braved the experience with valour!  We all loves a hill or two!

As we see the inevitable worsening of conditions, to even take a step out of the door in running gear is admirable and so to see consistent training levels in spite of this is heart warming.  You’re a hardy bunch alright!

We bond.  

We bind together.  

We share experiences and when the going gets tough we lean on each other.  

Our bond is stronger than just the running.

I’ve said it before…


Running Friends.

A mutual love for something that has touched us all.  

Whether in competition with others, competition with ourselves or not in competition at all, we all respect that we are fortunate to continue our running journeys.  As melodramatic as it may sound, please spare of thought for those of our number who are currently struggling.  Injury dogs many runners during their “career” and when it prevents them from enjoying the same experiences we are it can have a serious impact on their well being.  We extend love to those within our community in such a position.  It will come back.  You will recover.  When you do it will be stronger and fitter.  We look forward to welcoming you back when you are ready.

So as we enter a new month we look forward to the festive season…

A week from club celebrations we are getting excited to enjoying the party together… en masse!

In the meantime keep heading out of the door and keeping those legs ticking over!



Fly Phoenix.  Fly.

As always, it goes without saying…



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