Weekly Waffle – 30th December 2018

As we say goodbye to the last weekend of the year we look back on what has been a busy week for most….

Despite the festivities many of you still got out there and ran!

When the dinner is eaten and all have enjoyed the big day, Boxing Day comes round and the event calendar opens up once again.

Familiar territory along the seafront drew the Phoenix in numbers.  Despite a road traffic accident blocking the path the slightly shorter than expected event was enjoyed by all in perfect running conditions.

Some headed further afield for their running fix with a significant presence down west enjoying a flat-ish course with impressive times and awards collected for significant placings.  

Some clearly didn’t overdo the celebrations!

Training moved to the morning up the valley with a few heading round the keyhole (not through it) to the top of The Bwlch, some for the first time, to sit on top of the mist covered valley with its spectacular views.  Great to get out and enjoy the cool morning air on a very sociable run!

Saturday most were ready for their fix of parkrun and record numbers attended all around the country and further afield.  The drizzly conditions didn’t put people off  and a huge attendance on the seafront swelled numbers there to a new record for the event almost reaching 500!

Sunday’s trail extravaganza enjoyed large numbers with an innovative prize bonanza twist to the end of year session.  Much fun was had by all on the “Tour d’Dunes”!

A few headed to the capital to run with the old timers around Bute Park, enjoying snacks on the way home having earned the calories on the run!

The last weekend of the year.

Everyone is in a reflective mood, sharing running totals and speculating on the year ahead.

Exciting plans are forming…

Heart warming as well to hear this week stories of the friendships formed and subsequently strengthened within the club that bring the Phoenix family closer together.

The next weekly waffle will be the first weekend of 2019…

Let’s make it a great start!

Signing off 2018 with a big, proud smile on my face…

Well done Ogmore Phoenix – you’re pretty damn awesome!



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