Weekly Waffle – 3rd March 2019

We say goodbye to another week and enter a new month!

Temperatures are rising…

Lighter mornings…

Lighter evenings…

As a result more head out to clock up some miles…

Spring marathons draw close and excitement builds but long runs are still essential and we see members sharing company to ease the burden as they build up to the big ones.

Saying goodbye to February saw many sneak in a final attempt of a double loop around our spiritual home with a view to positioning themselves on the leaderboard of the club championships or qualifying for a position in a prestigious relay team…

Storm Freya loomed.

The weekend arrives and many succumb to the 9am calling… 

The local event by the sea saw significant milestones.  A double century of volunteering for one and 250 events for another while celebration of Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant brought many out in traditional attire.   As always at our second home event volunteers and runners met up the Llynfi Valley to complete the necessities.

Inaugural events and tourist destinations in abundance but all within the British Isles this week!

A group made their way up the Garw Valley to command respect from the Gollum.  Not running, but walking.  Respect to those who are injured and cannot raise the pace.   A healthy group circumnavigated the route and reported back gaining a great deal from it.  Our walkers thrive.

We’ve hit that scenario again.  Saturday racing.  For some that means sneaking in a parkrun first.  As you do.  A tough hilly course in Mid Wales covering 30km around some lakes saw several battle the elements to the finish, all of them victorious.

The dramatic Pembrokeshire coastline attracted a few to complete a brutal, exposed race of half and full marathon distance.  The high storm winds whipped up to challenge their stability on the narrow cliff-top paths.  All finished safely and clutching medals with pride.

Junior and senior competitors crossed the border to run on grass by a castle to represent the club  in the last event in the cross country league.

The wind brought rain and moving to Sunday conditions worsened…

Newport was the destination for a brave bunch challenging the elements for a half distance.  All did amazingly well with personal bests recorded for those who pushed it.

Many turned up to continue their journey to becoming heroes in spite of mother natures challenges while our trail group continue their trip along a section of the stunning South Wales coastline.

Moving out of winter we often see conditions worsen before they improve.

We’re not adverse to storms of late and in spite of what they throw at us we still hit the streets to complete the miles.

It’s often at times like this that we look out of the window and decide to stay put.  

It’s the brave and determined that open the door, step out onto the street with their daps on and battle the worst that mother nature can throw at them. 


Be brave, but always remain safe!

A lot of you showed you are.

Keep at it guys!

You’re doing great!



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