Weekly Waffle – 9th December 2018

Whenever I think I’ve summed up the best weekend another one comes along to challenge it for the top spot.  This weekend was amongst those!

High winds and on, off torrential rain didn’t dampen the parkrun spirit and the Phoenix were out in force yet again to get their 5k in at 9am.  On the sea front we were belted with the wind on the way out, and while helped by it on the way back we were also soaked!

Our other home was also well attended with some impressive performances.  The usual tourists also found new haunts to visit.  An unusual little route for three members with a unique spiral in and out part way round the looped course. 

It’s weekends like this, when the parkrun weather fairy fails to protect us from mothers natures worst, that we particularly pay tribute to those of our number who give up their time voluntarily to make sure these events take place.  Standing out in the cold wind and rain to make sure we get to experience our constitutional despite the conditions.  We thank you.  We salute you.

One headed up to mid Wales to represent the region in a cross country event which delivered copious quantities of mud in testing conditions.

Saturday night arrives.  A moment we’ve waited for for a long time.

The Ogmore Phoenix Christmas Party brought our family together for Christmas dinner.  

With surprises, prizes, fun and food we met in front of the Christmas tree bedecked with unique handmade Phoenix baubles.  One for everyone to take home.  Our family members who opened their envelopes to see a golden hue from their ticket enjoyed being treated as VIP’s for the night.  A plethora of prizes were won.  Milestone t-shirts were awarded.  Good food was consumed before we danced and sang the night away together.  It’s true that we run and that’s what brought us together but it’s something stronger that binds us and Saturday night we proved that.

Family Phoenix.  

Family Christmas.

Sunday was always going to be hard for those who partied the night away…

Some stayed very local.  Thankfully a slight improvement in the weather meant only wet conditions underfoot greeted those who ran for a pudding on mud, grass, tarmac, sand and water.  Lots of water.  But the sun even made an appearance as we crossed the beach! 

Puddings were won by all but notably a 2nd place was picked up by one of our regular speedies.

The capital drew others to a race wearing festive outfits with all enjoying immensely.

Another one draws to a close.

It’s been a good ‘un.

A damn good ‘un.

Phoenix bind together.



Don’t change.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Oh, and one more thing…

Merry Christmas.



Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by a chairman very proud of everyone who volunteers their time to help make weekends like this happen as well as every single runner that heads out of the door to further their running and pursue their dreams!  Keep dreaming.  

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